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"I’d like to thank Good Neighbours for helping me in my hour of need with transport to various venues in Cardiff. It has always been service with a smile when receiving assistance in person, and the Administrators are very pleasant on the phone. The charity provides an excellent and very much-needed service in the difficult times we live in."

PA. - A Client


Helping clients maintain independence at home. 

Our main criterion is that the client’s need must be genuine. We apply a non-discrimination policy and welcome new clients irrespective of their sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or background.

Clients can refer themselves to us, or may be referred by friends, neighbours, family, churches, businesses or statutory organisations (e.g. GPs, Adult Services, Hospital Discharge, Police etc.).

As our name implies we seek to be a “good neighbour” and complement the support that may already be available from friends, family or other organisations.

We do not run any group activities as there are many of these in and around north Cardiff. We can, however, provide lists of these and provide transport to get people to and from the activities they choose to attend.

A volunteer takes a client for an outing to Roath Park Lake

We take people to and from GP appointments, hospital appointments, luncheon clubs, hairdressers, dentists, social groups, visits to friends etc.

Shopping Basket (Grey) (Shopping).jpg

We can do the shopping for the housebound or accompany clients who prefer to do their own shopping but need assistance.

Grey Coffee.png

A volunteer will call in for a friendly chat.


Becoming A Client is Easy!

Below we set out the stages of our application process for new clients. Hover over each step to see further details. Follow the link to the right to complete an online referal.


Our Co-ordinator will meet with you to discuss your needs in more detail, answer any questions you may have and explain how everything works. We may need more details from you following the meeting. There are no forms to sign.


Step 3

Meeting the Co-Ordinator...


Complete the referral/application form online (here) or telephone the office. We will confirm receipt of your referral/application.

Thank You! 

Step 1

Contact Us...


Our co-ordinator will then contact  you/the prospective client to arrange a convenient time to meet to discuss your application. Third party referrers will also be contacted.

Arranging A Meeting...

Step 2


Enjoy being a client of Good Neighbours in North Cardiff. 

If you no longer require our service or your needs change - just contact us. That's all there is to it!

Step 4

You're a Client!

If you have any questions about becoming a client or referring a client you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or ask us on the Contact Us page by emailing or telephone. Our office hours are shown at the bottom of this page and you will most likely be contacted during those times.   

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