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"We presently complete more than 2,000 tasks each year in support of those living in our community."

Can you join us as a volunteer? Read more here.


As you would expect with all responsible charities, all volunteers are required to adhere to certain requirements, notably in relation to non-discrimination, and in relation to health and safety to ensure their own safety and that of our clients - these requirements are not onerous.


"Many of the skills people acquire through their work or social life are of very real value in the voluntary sector." 

Many members and volunteers are able to apply skills they have acquired elsewhere to our work. This ranges from people applying leisure interests (e.g. sporting or performing arts interests) and fundraising through events to business and administration skills which are increasingly crucial to the effective and efficient running of our service. If you could offer any of the following we would love to hear from you: business skills, management experience, interpersonal skills, accountancy knowledge, IT, design, etc.

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