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"I started volunteering with GNiNC in 2017. Volunteers are an organisation’s greatest resource and I quickly discovered the benefits of contributing in my local community. Clients have told me how much they value the service and how important it is to them. I’ve used existing skills, learnt new ones and met some lovely people. It’s a really interesting and worthwhile experience."

S. - A Volunteer


Volunteers are always in control of their own time and commitments.

As you would expect with all responsible charities, all volunteers are required to adhere to certain requirements, notably in relation to non-discrimination, and in relation to health and safety to ensure their own safety and that of our clients - these requirements are not onerous.


Our volunteers define their own “rules” relating to what they are willing to do and when they are willing to do it, and you will not be asked to undertake anything which does not conform to those rules. Even so, if for any reason you would still prefer not to undertake a particular task, just say “no” - reasons do not have to be given as we want all our volunteers to know that we adopt a very flexible approach.

Actual examples of this are:


  • “I am only willing to offer transport, and only on Thursday mornings”


  • “I will do one regular unaccompanied task each week and don’t ask me to do anything else!”


  • “No regular tasks please, and a maximum of one request per fortnight - I don’t mind what I do”


All volunteers are entitled to claim out-of-pocket expenses - we want your time not your money!


We take people to and from GP appointments, hospital appointments, luncheon clubs, hairdressers, dentists, social groups, visits to friends etc.

Shopping Basket (Grey) (Shopping).jpg

We can do the shopping for the housebound or accompany clients who prefer to do their own shopping but need assistance.

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Could you be a volunteer willing to call in for a friendly chat?


Becoming a Volunteer Couldn't Be Easier ...

Below we set out the stages of our application process for new volunteer - hover over each step to see further details. Please note that volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Follow the link to the right to complete an online referral.


Complete the referral/application form online (here) or telephone the office. We will confirm receipt of your referral/application.

Thank You! 

Step 1

Contact Us...


Our Co-ordinator will meet with you to discuss how you can help us at Good Neighbours, answer any questions you may have and explain how everything works.

Step 2

Meet the Co-Ordinator...


We ask prospective volunteers to provide details of two referees. Following our meeting we'll be in touch with your referees.  There is now a legal requirement that all our volunteers are DBS checked. We will arrange that on your behalf.

Step 3

Contacting Your Referees...


Step 4

Enjoy Being A Volunteer...


Enjoy being a volunteer! Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or anything changes  just let us know!

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or ask us on the Contact Us page by emailing or telephone. If we need to call  you back, it is most likely to happen during our office hours.   

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